Friday, August 16, 2013

Tutorial : Button Like Fanpage

when kim myungsoo being soooo! myungsoo. he will do whateva he want to do lol.


Haaa, takmo berintro panjang panjang coz lepas nie nak buat entry lagi hee. Tutorial nie direquest oleh cik huda pasal button like fanpage macam ni

Hee~ thanks huda sudi bertanya ^^,

login fb then open your fanpage
copy the url

go to this website
scroll to the bottom. stop at the configurator. paste your fb url. change whateve when necessary

the code will appear. but don't copy that HTML5 . You must click the IFRAME tab and yeah it's is.

then paste it wherever you want. for giveaway, paste it in the ga's entry lah.

haaa huda, got it dear?  hee. kalau tak paham boleh tanya ^^


Miss Huda said...

Yeay!!! Thanks dear. I got it. Sangat membantu. LikeII :D

Ieyra Ghani said...

Hoooohohoho no biggie ^^ it's my pleasure

Cik Chokie said...

Wahhh nice tutorial :D

Ieyra Ghani said...

thanks cik chokie ^^